At WBA we use the latest in technology to quote term premiums, apply for life insurance, access forms, check underwriting requirements and review annuity products and rates.

Let us help you with the TOPs Advantage

Technology (T)
‘Old-Style’ Brokerage (O)
Point of Sale Expertise (Ps)
Technology (T)


  • Term Quote Engine
  • Needs Analysis Too
  • XRAE Health Profile Tool
  • Forms
  • Annuity Rate Watch
  • iGo e-App (paperless application system)
  • InsureNow Drop Ticket (Coming Soon!)
    • Bundled Online ‘Application’ System
      • 10-15 Simple Health Questions
      • Determine Best Term Carrier Options
        • Lowest Premium Options Based on Health
      • Simple Pre-Application Process
      • Telephone Interview Completes Application

Swift App

  • Quote Term Rates and Begin Application Process on Smart Phone
  • Simple Pre-Application Process
  • Telephone Interview Completes Application
‘Old-Style’ Brokerage (O)

On All Applications ‘E’ or Paper

  • Case Management
    • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Updates (as desired)
    • Exam Ordering and Follow-up
    • Medical Records Ordering and Follow-Up
    • Negotiation with Underwriters
    • Informal Application available for pre-underwriting tough medical cases, large cases or cases with competition
      • Best Combination of Product and Underwriting wins case!
    • Answers to Necessary Questions can be obtained via Financial Advisor or Direct to Client (if desired)
    • Professional Packaging of Policies for Easy Delivery
  • Accelerated and Simplified Issue Options Available!
Point of Sale Expertise (Ps)
  • Insurance Planning and Policy Design
  • Financial Planning vs. Product Based Approach
  • Expertise in Multiple Disciplines
    • Income Protection
      • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
      • Disability Income Insurance
    • Business Protection & Succession Planning
    • Key Man Insurance
      • Buy-Sell Planning
      • Executive Compensation Plans
    • Retirement Planning
      • Pension Maximization
      • Life Insurance Retirement Plans (with Whole, Indexed or Variable Life)
      • Tax Management
      • Life Insurance in Qualified Plans
    • Long Term Care Planning
      • Stand Alone Long Term Care
      • Life with LTC Rider
      • Combination Approach
    • Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer
      • Estate Liquidity Needs
      • Trust Planning
      • Estate Reduction Techniques
      • Gift Tax Planning and Reduction Techniques