Ward Brokerage Associates has a proprietary program for providing life insurance issued by domestic carriers to foreign nationals. Please review the guidelines below to determine if your client is eligible and call us for a quote!

Client Profile

  • High Net Worth Non-US Citizen (Life Insurance availability and price varies by country of residence)
  • Minimum $20M Net worth; Minimum $10M Face Amount
  • Financially Sophisticated
  • Ages 20 to 80
  • Desires US Denominated Life Insurance policy ( also available in Sterling and the Euro)
  • Asset Allocation opportunity available with Life Insurance
  • Needs Life Insurance to provide Estate Liquidity
  • Needs Life Insurance for Wealth Transfer @ Death. US ‘type’ policy design offers high Death Benefit per premium dollar, unlike Home Country products
  • Life Insurance utilized to provide Beneficiary Wealth Transfer Equalization
  • Creditor Protection through Life Insurance product design and Offshore ‘Trust’ or Personal Investment Company (PIC) established as Owner/Beneficiary
  • Interested in use of Bank Financed Life Insurance at very low interest rates, typical of YEN denominated loans
  • High Cash Value product design with primary Carriers (97-99% in year one), reduces need for additional Collateral, if using Bank Financing
  • Keyman Coverage. Client desires minimum Balance sheet impact, for Premium outlay. Policy Cash Value over 120% of cumulative premium by Policy Year 10 (One pay policies)

Is your client eligible? Get an international life quote.