What is AML training and how do I complete it?

Federal law requires all insurance agents and brokers to complete AML, or Anti-Money Laundering, training.  It’s easy to do and LIMRA has online training available on their website (https://aml.limra.com/Nailba_default.html)

Are you appointed in all 50 states?

We are appointed in the majority of states.  If you have a particular case in mind, feel free to ask whether we’re appointed there. If necessary we can become appointed to accommodate you.

Do you write health insurance?

No, we do not write health insurance, but we can recommend some producers to work with.

Do you offer continuing education?

Yes, we host quarterly continuing education seminars and can also recommend some websites for online continuing education.

How long is the life underwriting process?

Once the examination has been completed, it typically takes 3-4 weeks. (link to form)

Should we send applications directly to the insurance carrier?

One of the valuable services that WBA provides is helping to process your business.  All applications, paperwork and payments should be sent to WBA and we will forward on to the carrier once we’ve made sure that everything is in good order.

How does the examination and underwriting process work?

WBA will order the exams and physician statements.  Once the exam has been completed and all physician reports have been received, we’ll send them to the carrier.

Do you have any life insurance products that don’t require an exam?

Yes, there are several guaranteed or simplified issue products on the market and we’d be happy to help find one that fits your client’s needs.

Does WBA offer group products?

We don’t broker traditional group products.  However, we do have access to several multi-life products that offer guaranteed or simplified issue to groups that fit certain parameters.  If you have a case that you think might fall into this category, we’d be happy to help!

How do I get appointed or contracted with a particular carrier?

When you’re ready to submit your first application with a carrier, we’ll be able to use the information provided on your New Producer Packet to complete appointment paperwork for that carrier, obtain your signature and send it in with the application.

How can I get a quote fast?

We have a term quote engine available on our website here.  That engine also has the ability to run GUL quotes.  For all other quotes (WL, IUL, UL and VUL), it’s best to speak with your Sales Vice President or utilize our online Request For Proposal Engine.

Is it possible to improve on a previous rating?

Yes!  Each carrier has its own underwriting strengths and weaknesses, so we are often able to look for alternatives in the event of a bad offer.

How do I get a copy of my lab results?

A letter signed by the proposed insured which includes their social security number is adequate to have lab results released by the carrier to their home address by postal mail.

How do I change the premium mode, owner address or bank info for a policy that’s been placed?

We can help with policy service – just let us know what change needs to be made, and we’ll coordinate with the carrier.